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A Creative Solution for Clean Lawns in Coweta County, Tyrone, and Peachtree City

Tiffany & Cameron Shahheydari are the Owners & Founders of the dog scooping company, The Poo Dude. Currently servicing Coweta County, Tyrone, and Peachtree City, The Poo Dude is a pooper scooper service for the community.

Tiffany shares the idea behind the founding of The Poo Dude. “About a few years ago when Cameron started working in lawn care; he would come home at the end of the day and tell me about these beautiful lawns he treated being covered in dog poop. It would get all over his equipment and sometimes on his clothes, which is obviously pretty gross. I would always tease him and tell him that he should have taken our scooper and offered to clean it up, and that was when we really started thinking about starting a pooper scooper business. Cleaning up pet poop is an everyday thing in our home; having seven dogs, five cats, twelve snakes, seven lizards, and two tortoises, we definitely consider ourselves experts in that minefield. After talking to several dog parents in the community and getting their support we went ahead and launched The Poo Dude in 2020. As for the name, which we get asked about a lot, it came from Star Wars. Jedi PooDoo turned into The Poo Dude in our nerdy brains. Another reason that we decided to start The Poo Dude is that we are definitely ‘yard people.’ If the weather is nice, we are outside, and we want our neighbors to be able to do that as well. Offering a pooper scooper service is all about getting our community clean lawns that will let them get outside with their family and enjoy nature, without having to leave their homes.”

Tiffany explains the services of The Poo Dude. “We scoop dog poop; it really is that simple. Big dogs, little dogs, grass, gravel–we do it all. We go to homes, scoop their lawns, and haul the dog poop away. We offer monthly and weekly options for scooping, so everyone can pick which schedule works best for their situation.” 

“The Poo Dude has been so well received by our amazing community. We really can’t sufficiently thank all of our clients and all of our neighbors who have spread the word of our business. Community is super important to us, and without it, we definitely wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have,” Tiffany concludes appreciatively.

For more information, services, and options, please visit The Poo Dude at www.thepoodude.com