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CHS Senior Adulting Day prepares grads for next steps

wearing a bow tie every day, demonstrated how to tie neckties and bow ties first on himself and then helped students with their own hands-on practice to perfect the techniques.

Before the month of May is over, graduating seniors officially will enter the world of adulthood – even if they aren’t quite ready – but this year Carrollton High School decided to do something about that by launching what is sure to become a special addition to graduation preparation.

The inaugural Senior Adulting Day was held May 6 in the Pope-McGinnis Student Activity Center. The event featured 16 different stations for seniors to visit to learn anything from sewing on a button to changing a tire to understanding the basics on how to take out a loan to buy a car. (PHOTOS)

CHS Assistant Principal and Career, Technical and Agricultural Director Elizabeth Sanders headed up the event with help from other school support staff who work closely with students on a daily basis.

“Our principal, Ian Lyle, came up with the idea and charged a group of CHS staff members to organize and facilitate the event,” said Sanders, who received assistance from Courtney Walker, assistant principal; Sally Ingui, career specialist; and Kristin Cochran, the school coordinator for Partners for Advancing Student Success.

One of the popular hands-on activities was learning how to tie a tie, taught by the iconic CHS teacher known for wearing a bow tie every day – Mark McCormick, long-time social studies teacher.

McCormick demonstrated how to tie a necktie and bow tie and then tied the two types on individual students. Students then practiced on each other to perfect their technique. Briley Sims was one of those students. She said his station was one of her favorites.

“Today has been fun,” she added. “It’s good to know these things for the future and it’s good to learn them now before we head to college. “I’ve enjoyed the more interactive stations the best.”

“The senior students were very engaged during the event,” said Sanders. “During the planning phase, we really tried to alternate hands-on and listening stations so the students kept their engagement throughout the duration of the event. The volunteers did an amazing job with teaching the seniors skills they should know upon graduation. The students were very respectful and engaged in every single station.”

Other stations included details about obtaining insurance, maintaining HVAC systems, correcting a tripped electrical breaker, setting a formal table (and how to practice proper dining etiquette), writing a check, understanding credit cards, dressing professionally, understanding basic construction skills, understanding professional interaction skills, filing taxes, maintaining fitness and health, and how to find a good, affordable place to live.

“We are very excited to continue this event for years to come and continue to grow the event on more life lessons we want to instill in our students during the last few days they are with us at Carrollton High School,” said Sanders.

One of Senior Adulting Day skills taught that day will come in handy right out the gate – how to write a thank-you note.