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Titan Softwash: Next Level Pressure Washing

Titan Softwash is changing the way business owners and homeowners are keeping their properties clean. Titan Softwash is not your typical pressure washing service. Owner Jamie Fletcher and his team use a concentration of soft chemicals that do a more efficient job cleaning, have minimal impact on the environment, and will preserve the surfaces of your home or business. 

The Softwash technology does more than simply knock dirt off buildings; the soft chemicals will eat away at dirt, residue, mildew and years of organic growth. “A lot of people don’t think about pressure washing their roof, but roofs need to be washed just like any other part of a building,” said Fletcher. “Having your roof Softwashed will also extend the longevity of the roof because it gets rid of all the mold and build up that causes roofs to go bad.”

Another benefit to Softwashing goes far beyond not having a dirty house. The soft chemicals used to clean and treat properties are helpful in pest control. The chemicals wear away at the mold and residue buildup that attracts pests. Softwashing is a great way for customers to protect their most important investment, their home.

Give Jamie a call to schedule an appointment today! He can be reached at 803-845-0584, and Titan Softwash can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Titan-Softwash-104580778799282/.

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