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Scores Up for Carroll County Schools Students

Scott Cowart, Superintendent of the Carroll County School System

Carroll County Schools students exceeded the state in 15 of 19 categories of the Georgia Milestone Assessment System scores released today, and improved from last year’s scores in all areas for elementary and high school students. Middle school scores improved in four of eight areas.

Tentative graduation rates also show 92 percent of the district’s high school seniors graduated – the fifth year in a row the school district has been over 90 percent.

The results show evidence of the district’s efforts to recover learning loss experienced during the pandemic and ensure students are on-track for graduation.

“Last year we focused on providing personalized learning experiences for students in specific areas where they needed help, and this effort and attention paid off in these impressive results,” Assistant Superintendent of School Performance Dr. Jessica Ainsworth said. “We are very proud of our teachers and other staff members for focusing on individualized approaches that led to these successful results.

State officials had much the same message when they released statewide results.

“Georgia’s teachers, students, and the rest of our public education family have worked hard to get learning back on track following the disruption of the pandemic,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “From offering expanded summer and afterschool programs to the efforts of dedicated Academic Recovery Specialists, the state, districts and local schools have been laser-focused on addressing the impact of lost learning opportunities. These results show those efforts are paying off and students’ academic achievement has returned to the upward trajectory it was on prior to COVID-19.”

Elementary Schools

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students across the state are given GMAS tests in English/Language Arts, Math and Science. District elementary school students exceeded state averages in all areas and outperformed last year’s scores in six of seven areas. Only fifth grade science students showed a slight decline.

Noticeable jumps appeared in math at all three grade levels where over half of all students scored at the distinguished or proficient level.

Middle Schools

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are tested in English/Language Arts, and Math. Eighth grade students also are assessed in Science and Social Studies. Carroll County Schools students exceeded the state in six of the eight areas. In comparing scores to 2021, four of eight areas showed an increase. Math scores for sixth and seventh graders improved dramatically, jumping nine points for eighth grade. Sixth grade math scores declined by a single point.

High Schools

At the high school level, Georgia students taking American Literature, Algebra, Biology, and US History are tested at the end of the course. Carroll County high school students exceeded last year’s scores in all subject areas. American Literature students improved scores by 14 points and US History scores were up 12 points. Biology scores improved by 11 points.

Graduation Rate

For the fifth year in a row, Carroll County’s cumulative graduation rate is predicted to be over 92 percent. This continues an upward trend for graduation rates with a 25 percentage point increase since 2010. Final graduation rates by school will be released once summer graduates are calculated.

“We had a fantastic year last year across the board,” Superintendent Scott Cowart said. “We don’t gauge our success solely on test scores and graduation rates, but these are part of how we measure our impact. Our teachers and other staff did an outstanding job of supporting each student.”

“With graduation rates specifically, we want to see each student graduate and then move on to be successfully enrolled, enlisted, or employed. Additionally, we want each graduate to be positively engaged in the community where he or she chooses to live.” Cowart said. “Whichever route students take, we want to make sure we prepare them to be successful beyond graduation.”

More information about GMAS and state-wide scores can be accessed at www.gadoe.org.

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Ben Chambers
Communications Specialist for Carroll County Schools