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UWG graduates more than 700 in summer ceremonies

Another semester has come to a close and it’s time for celebration as 732 Wolves graduated in the University of West Georgia’s Summer 2022 Commencement ceremonies.

During his Commencement remarks Saturday, UWG President Dr. Brendan Kelly spoke on ambition, perseverance and the incredible support between students, faculty and staff, and community.

“When you arrived as a student at UWG, you brought unique perspectives and experiences to our institution,” Kelly told graduates. “But you all shared one thing in common, too: you all came in with something to prove. Today, when you graduate from UWG, we celebrate that whatever it was you were trying to prove, part of it has been proven.”

Of the 732 degrees conferred to graduates, 395 were at the graduate level, with the remaining 337 degrees earned at the undergraduate level. Both ceremonies were live-streamed and included remarks from Student Government Association President Sydney Severin and UWG Alumni Association Board of Directors Chair Brad Mock.

Mock welcomed graduates to the alumni association of over 73,000 alumni and spoke on connections, support and the foundation for the future.

“Like with most things in our lives, what we have done is deeply connected to what we will do,” he shared. “The things we have accomplished give us the foundation we need for where we will go and who we will be. Our beliefs and background give us the perspective we need to prioritize our goals. Our family and the friends we have made along the way give us the support we need to make the biggest impact. And this degree gives you something that connects us all.”

Kelly commended the graduates on their evolution and added they are ready to take that next step to create a better world.

“You will likely notice that, after today, people will look at you a little differently because you have changed,” Kelly continued. “You have become some other thing – whether that’s a nurse, teacher, accountant or any number of other professional individuals. You are now something that you were not before. This is not the end. It is a new beginning.”