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Carroll County E-911 Dispatcher Recognized

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Carroll County E-911 Dispatcher Taylor Southers recognized for a saving the life of an infant at the Board of Commissioners Work Session Meeting last night.

On Friday, August 26, 2022, at 12:10 hours, Carroll County E-911 received a 911 call in reference to a 3-week-old infant that was possibly not breathing and/or choking. The caller advised that the baby had stopped making noises and she was unsure if he was even breathing at all. Dispatcher Taylor Southers answered the call and immediately began gathering pertinent information. Shortly into the call, Dispatcher Southers began giving pre-arrival instructions including checking the baby’s airway for any objects, vomit etc. The caller described the baby as silent and turning blue. Southers asked all the appropriate questions including details about the baby’s color change, age and sex before finally giving instructions to lay the baby on its side to remove the vomit from the infant’s mouth. Further pre-arrival instructions were given including the beginning stages of CPR and choking protocols based off the information that was given to her. A short time later, the baby started breathing again which was confirmed by the caller, the mother and the wonderful sound of cries in the background.

Dispatcher Southers kept a calm demeanor throughout the entire call and carried out her duties effectively and professionally. Once Fire and EMS personnel arrived on scene, they also confirmed the child was conscious and breathing and the infant was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Director Patterson was contacted later that afternoon by the father of the infant who wanted to give his thanks and appreciation to Dispatcher Southers. The father stated “My wife and her friend were at the house with our newborn when he choked and the dispatcher walked them through the corrective action and got him back breathing before fire showed up. The doctor said his chest x-ray came back good and that the early care was done right and so quickly that he should not have any lasting effects.”