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Flash Those Pearly Whites: West Georgia Family Dentistry Opens New Office In Bremen

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West Georgia Family Dentistry is expanding to serve all of West Georgia’s dental needs. With a location already in Douglasville, Doctors Eric Leithner and Kylee Rider noticed more and more patients coming from the west, and decided to open another location at 107 Valley Run Drive in Bremen. Featuring emergency care, restorative care, general preventative care, and the latest technology, West Georgia Family Dentistry is fully equipped to handle any dental need or questions you may have. “We have a great team of hygienists and staff that work really well with our customers,” said Dr. Leithner.

This local dental office is not a typical corporate dental office. It is individually owned and focuses directly on the customer and their needs. “We really try to get them to feel like a friend and person and not just a number,” said Dr. Leithner. “We also want to understand their wants and their needs that they may not even know. We love using photographs and giving the patient the most amount of options they have.” “It is a very individualized approach,” Dr. Rider added. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry.”

Doctors Leithner and Rider offer off-hours emergency care if there is any urgent or painful need that needs immediate attention. They and their team can also assist with regular cleanings, crowns, root canals, alternative ways to fix missing or broken teeth, as well as a lot of elective care. “Some people just don’t like something about their smile and want it changed,” said Dr. Leithner. “We can work in conjunction with orthodontists, or use different types of alignment tools or veneers, as well as whitening and bleaching.”

West Georgia Family Dentistry also focuses on pediatric dental care. Sometimes the dentist’s office can be scary for children, and many offices do not let parents sit in the room while their child is being examined. Parents are actually encouraged to sit with their children, so they know what’s going on inside their child’s mouth, and they know exactly what’s being done. Doctors from both Bremen, Leithner and Rider along with Doctor Prior in Douglasville also produce computer screens and imaging tools to keep the children entertained and relax them during the process. “Our entire team works great with children, and honestly children are some of our best patients!” Dr. Leithner explained. “We take a unique approach so the entire family knows exactly what we are doing and what is happening with their children’s teeth.”

Doctors Leithner and Rider are happy and excited to welcome you to both their locations. Their Douglasville location is at 8590 Bowden Street and their new Bremen office is at 107 Valley Run Drive.

Further details and contact information can be found at https://www.westgeorgiafamilydentistry.com

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