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Coming Soon to Bremen: A New Restaurant Inspired By An Old Stockroom

Jai Otwell

A new restaurant inspired by a part of the city’s rich textile history is coming soon to downtown Bremen. Owned by city councilman Jai Otwell, The Stockroom, located at 226 Tallapoosa Street, is in its final stages of construction and looks to open in a few weeks. Jai’s vision for the restaurant is to provide a place for the entire Bremen community to enjoy a meal in an open, warm and welcoming environment that gives the older generation a place to reminisce and the younger generation the opportunity to learn about the city’s history. “I want to make it to where the younger people come in and learn a little bit about what was here and the older people can come in, have a good time, and reminisce about what they grew up with,” Jai says.

The restaurant will feature many artifacts and materials from many of the past manufacturing plants and businesses that existed in the city including the Hubbard plant, Sewell Mill, and the Turner plant, just to name a few. Jai has also tried to source as many of the new materials locally as possible. “The goal is to repurpose as much as I possibly can and create a new place with both old and new materials.”

As the restaurant gets closer to opening, we will have more details about it in a forthcoming featured article. Stay tuned to the City Menus for that and more!