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Friends of Carrollton Committee to Support Carrollton Redevelopment Powers Referendum on November 8 Election

The Friends of Carrollton Committee has been formed to support the Carrollton Redevelopment Powers Referendum on the November 8 General Election ballot. Chaired by Kirby Butler and James (“Jay”) Gill, Friends of Carrollton will educate voters and encourage them to vote “YES” on the ballot question to authorize the City of Carrollton to exercise redevelopment tools under the Redevelopment Powers Law, including the creation of Tax Allocation Districts (TADs). Committee Members also include: Brian Dill, John Jackson, and Karen Handel.

Butler said, “This initiative is about the future of Carrollton. We have an exceptional quality of life here, and we want to protect that and make it even better. Think about a reimagined Maple Street with more appealing utility poles and fewer wires hanging overhead, more sidewalks, and improvements to Oil Park like wifi hotspots and community gathering areas. Imagine Adamson Square with high-end living and more restaurants and shops. How about Bankhead Highway with greenspace and more inviting shopping centers? With tools like TADs, we can make this a reality – without raising taxes.”

Gill added, “TADs are temporary finance mechanisms that have been used for decades to help cities pay for much-needed improvements and enhancements in certain defined areas – without raising taxes. The downtowns of Rome and Gainesville have been transformed in recent years, and TADs were instrumental in these redevelopments. Here in Carrollton, TADs will help make our city more attractive to the private investors that will bring the nice restaurants and family attractions that we’re all looking for.

Butler continued, “We urge the voters of Carrollton to vote ‘YES’ for the Redevelopment Powers. It’s for the future of Carrollton.”

Voters can find more information at www.friendsofcarrollton.org or email [email protected] if they have specific questions.