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Entrenched Coaching Launches in Carrollton

For those of you who frequent Chick-fil-A in Carrollton, you might have been cheerfully greeted by Samuel Mancas. For many years, Samuel has led those joining the team at Chick-fil-A with humility, life perspective, and creativity. Using those skills, he recently launched his own business, Entrenched Coaching. 

We recently sat down with Samuel and learned a little bit more about his life coaching business. “As a life coach, I want to help people dig their way out of a life that sometimes seems stuck or entrenched, hence the name. With over five years of executive director experience, I’ve worked on the development of people, leaders, and processes,” he mentions. With his new ICF coaching certification he is excited to expand his passion and skills to help others attach aspirations to goals, so people can accomplish their dreams. He says, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

The progress starts with growth, this is where Entrenched Coaching begins. In the first session, Samuel will help create an agenda for your goals and vision. The next session will include a detailed analysis of your internal strengths and weaknesses. This lays the groundwork and foundation for the remaining sessions. 

A lot of people confuse coaching and therapy, a common question is “how can coaching benefit me?” Sam adds, “As your coach, whatever we are focusing on, whether it be leadership, life goals, mindset, or even relationship coaching, I will ask you the hard questions, we will drive into deep waters and uncover what exactly it is you need to do to maximize results in the challenge you are facing. I’ll offer a powerful outside perspective, and we will put pressure around the areas you want to grow in. What you focus on in life will change, coaching helps you do just that, focus on the right things by asking the right questions. The first session is always free so don’t be afraid to explore something new and see how coaching can help you grow.”

In a recent testimonial from Jordan Mosely he gives three words that sum up Samuel’s coaching style qualities: 

1. Adaptive/Personal: Each person gets coached to their specific needs. He is in tune enough with them to know what they need to hear and how. 

2. Caring: He does it from a true heart of care. That care sometimes is celebrating a win with them and other times showing tough love that they need to hear. 

3. Vision: He sees the person for what they can be and not who they are. He is great at casting vision for them and laying out a plan of how that works for them.

Entrenched Coaching serves the communities of west Georgia through in-person sessions and is also available through phone and video coaching all across the country. You can reach out to Samuel via email at [email protected] or visit their website at https://www.ctacoaches.com/entrenchedcoaching/ to learn more.