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Shop Trendy: Greenhouse Mercantile’s New Location in Full Swing 

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The trendy curated retail store Greenhouse Mercantile has officially opened their new location in Senoia! With a Newnan location open for the past six years, the owner, Kenya Brantley, has decided to expand and branch out to more customers. “We are seeing the trend of what is happening and how the area is growing and want to keep up with the growing population,” said Kenya. 

From custom pottery, to handmade soaps, to wall and house decor, there is something for everybody at Greenhouse Mercantile. And the cool thing? Both the Senoia location and Newnan location offer different products. “We feature local custom artists to showcase their art. From jewelry to custom soaps, there are things in Newnan that we do not have in Senoia, and vice versa,” said Kenya. 

The Newnan location features tons of vintage clothing and other apparel, whereas the Senoia location has more home decor including vintage furniture, custom pottery from Hogansville’s Pottery 32, and many more decorative items. “I like to say it is the same but unique,” Kenya explained. “Everything is the same style, but there is always something different between the two stores. You really have to visit both to get the full experience.” 

We recently visited the Senoia location and while there a guest bought several pieces of furniture! Now isn’t that exciting? Emmanuel, Kenya’s assistant told us he is blown away by the quick success of the new location and everyone that has welcomed them to Senoia. 

For anything from gifts for that special someone, to brightening your home or office, there is something for all shoppers at Greenhouse Mercantile. “We are looking forward to serving the locals, and the newcomers that are traveling through; it is a hopping little place!” Kenya exclaimed. “There aren’t a lot of antique stores here, so we provide that market for tourists and locals who want to celebrate where they live and take souvenirs back from their travels.”

The new location is right next to the famous restaurant Curious Kitchen at 42 Main in Senoia. Both the Senoia and Newnan locations are open from Wednesday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Greenhouse Mercantile can be found online at https://www.greenhousemercantile.com/ as well as Facebook and Instagram @greenhousemercantile. Give them a look for your next trendy fashion idea!

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