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Carrollton Resident Launches Carroll County Recovers

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2022)

Carrollton resident Dan Dixon, a 2005 graduate of Central High School, has launched a business centered around helping those struggling with addiction. Dan talked to us before the holidays about his own personal journey through long-term recovery, “As someone who battled addiction and nearly lost my own life to two overdoses and has made it to the other side nearly ten years later, there is a lot in the way of encouragement I can offer.” 

Carroll County Recovers exists to help those impacted by addiction find their own pathway forward. Dan will offer addiction counseling to help others and be an ear to listen to help unlock doors that they may have not been aware of. 

Dan says, “Addiction is a hard time for everyone involved, and we’re here to process that and offer whatever we can do to help in the process.” Carroll County Recovers is currently looking for office space at the moment for group sessions. Individual sessions can be booked with Dan by clicking here for his email address. He can also be reached by phone and direct message on Facebook. Be sure to look for his new podcast channel, Addiction from Every Angle.