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Have a Heart to Heart with Torri Poole 

In need of a heart to heart with someone that can keep things confidential and help you tap into your full potential? Look no further, Heart Two Heart Life Coaching is ready! Launched by Carrollton resident Torri Poole, she will help clients find direction and accomplish many of their goals. She tells us, “You are born with unique talents, desires and motivations; I coach to bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to everyday life.” 

With her proven tools and techniques, clients get to discover their true self and desires. She adds, “This in turn allows my clients to manifest the life of their dreams.” Torri has an associates degree in Healthcare Management, certification in Life Coaching, and will soon complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an Operations in Management Certificate. 

To learn more about Torri Poole and Heart two Heart Life Coaching, email her at [email protected] or give her a call at 470-290-3912.