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Community Foundation of West Georgia Hosts Building a Coordinated System of Care

The Community Foundation of West Georgia has a mission to unite people to  tackle the most persistent and critical challenges in our region and mobilize resources  to change lives. Their Precarious to Permanent initiative studied housing insecurities  while working to find solutions to the complexities facing at-risk families and the service  providers trying to support them. For services to be delivered more efficiently and  effectively to stabilize families and improve their ability for self-sufficiency, a  coordinated and integrated system of care between partner service providers needs to  be in place to meet these objectives. The Community Foundation of West Georgia is  partnering with TechBridge and InTelegy Corporation to conduct an assessment of  nonprofit providers in the area and to develop a new way of serving those in need. 

A recent meeting of nonprofit organizations from Carroll, Haralson and Heard  counties provided insights on current client experiences, client needs and areas of  opportunity. Meetings like these will lead to recommendations to build a better system  of coordination among providers and a better experience for their clients. 

“We want to help agencies and organizations think about how they provide  services and to help those in need more easily identify resources,” said Kim Jones,  president of the Community Foundation. “Today we don’t know how many agencies  are contacted by an individual or how they are assisted. For services to be delivered  more efficiently and effectively a coordinated and integrated system of care between  service providers needs to be in place.”

“This project has the potential to completely transform how we see and serve the  most vulnerable in our community, while also making it easier for those that have the  privilege of serving,” said Meghan Bennett, director of St. Margaret’s Community  Outreach.  

Carrollton City Council member Jacqulene Bridges attended the recent meeting  of nonprofits and said that this opportunity is something she has prayed about for years.  “It will bring resources together to better serve our community. I named my nonprofit  Reconnecting Back with the Community because that is what it is all about, connecting  the dots so that the community can meet each individual’s needs.” 

For more information about the Community Foundation of West Georgia, visit its  website at cfwg.net or contact Kim Jones at (770) 832-1462 or [email protected]. ###