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A Night in the Roaring Twenties starring Alex Mendham & His Orchestra

See Alex Mendham and His Orchestra on January 27th @ 7:30PM in Townsend Center for the Performing Arts

Alex Mendham and His Orchestra was founded by the debonair, white-tie-and-tails wearing bandleader, to sweep audiences away with the high style and musical glory of the 20’s and 30’s. He and his Orchestra have turned the music of a golden age into a worldwide concert touring show. Initially, Alex Mendham pitched his wild idea to the owners of London’s Savoy Hotel, and the Orchestra embarked a long-standing residency in the hotel’s hallowed ballroom. Request performances soon followed at many iconic venues around the capital, including the world-famous Ritz Hotel. This vital early period allowed the Orchestra to hone it’s signature style and sound, playing together each night. Soon, the allure of taking their music to the world-stage became too great for Alex and His Orchestra to resist. Beginning with the now legendary sell-out show at the Kursaal Concert Hall in Belgium, Alex Mendham has taken his orchestra to new heights internationally performing everywhere from the lush art-deco Cicada Club of Downtown L.A to open-air concerts in the gothic palaces of Russia, via grand scale events upon the romantic canals of Venice. Outside of their live performances, the Orchestra is a mainstay of BBC Radio, and has lent it’s talents to productions for film and television.

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