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A Downtown Treasure Soon to Open in Bremen 

Treasury Coffee and Cafe is coming soon! The historic building, located on Hamilton Avenue in Bremen, used to be a bank and has been refurbished to have a restaurant area, a seating area for coffee drinkers to sit, mingle, and enjoy their coffee, as well as office and retail space. “We heard about this building from a friend at church who recently purchased it, and thought this would be a great opportunity to rent from him,” said owner Brittany Hanes. 

“With how historic the building is we thought this would be a great time to start our dream. Our friend will handle renting the office space, and we will operate the coffee shop and lobby.”

In addition to the amazing coffee, Treasury Coffee and Cafe will offer breakfast and lunch, with an assortment of biscuits, toasts and pastries, and egg bites. “For breakfast, we want to focus on quick, easy food for people who are on the run going to work so we can make it convenient for them,” said Hanes.

“For lunch, we will focus more on the sit-down service: We will provide a soup and salad of the day, and also [selections from] Southern Bell’s Catering, which is actually my mom’s business. She has catered weddings and many more events and is transitioning to work here and cook her amazing food each day at our new coffee shop,” Hanes elaborated.

This unique coffee shop is open to all comers, even children and non-coffee drinkers. “We feature a lot of local merchandise in what we call ‘The Vault,’” said Hanes.

“This gives us an opportunity to feature other local vendors and merchandisers, so there is something for everybody here.”

The shop is to open in March, and the family-owned business is thrilled to start serving Bremen residents and those in the surrounding area. Located in the historic downtown Bremen district, it is easily walkable from many other places downtown. Treasury Coffee is set to open just a few weeks from now. 

Treasury Coffee will be located at 211 Hamilton Avenue in Bremen, near the library. Everyone is invited to come enjoy the great coffee, food, and local retail items. Hanes exclaimed, “We will even have a room with games and toys for kids!”

Stay tuned for further updates on Treasury Coffee and Cafe. Brittany and her family will be thrilled to serve you this spring and far into the future! 

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