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Savvy Owner of Sunset Slush Thanks Customers for Business Boom

Slush season starts soon! The new and thriving Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice carts may be coming to a neighborhood market near you, owner Lauren Koritko expressed recently. The traveling treat cart has made stops in Senoia, Peachtree City, and downtown Newnan during its eight-month existence. Koritko attributed her business boom to her outstanding customers.

One such customer, Lauren Cardin, posted on Sunset Slush’s Facebook page, “So good and refreshing on a hot day! The owners are great people!” 

“We were so well received, and I’m so thankful for our customers who find us on Facebook so they can see where we’re at. Without them, we wouldn’t be in business,” Koritko noted. And her customers sing praises for a reason. Not only does Koritko sell classic Italian Ice flavors like chocolate and blue vanilla, but she and her kiddos invent and combine flavors to create entirely new and unique experiences. One such combo is the “Berry Blast,” which mixes blue raspberry and strawberry lemonade flavors to build a unique, refreshing taste.

Koritko and her husband, who is a Navy veteran, homeschool their children, so the cart offers the flexibility they need to get business, provide opportunities for her kids to learn the trade, and contribute to the community. When asked where she received her ideas for this business model, Koritko attributed inspiration from her father. Her father would say, “Looking for a need and figuring out how to meet it.” Koritko added, “This was something he told us growing up and has always stuck with me as I pursued different business ventures.”

Noticing a lack of quality Italian ice businesses in the South, she seized the opportunity. Taking to the streets and various events, Koritko and her gang have found good marketplaces at car shows, converts, beaches, and even a high school homecoming event back in September.

Not only does the business enhance these events, but it also introduces a reusable Sunset Slush koozie. The koozies can be refilled at any of Sunset Slush’s independently owned and operated locations, spanning from St. Simon’s Beach to Outer Banks, North Carolina.

We asked if she plans on settling into a brick-and-mortar location any time soon.

“We just started May of 2022, but we are looking at different areas to have a brick-and mortar. Every location seems to be doing well, so we’re working on finding the right place that fits our needs.”

Check out Sunset Slush on Facebook or at sunsetslush.com to check out events they may be having near you!

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