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Dog Heaven to Descend onto Downtown Dallas

Dog treats. Dog accessories. Dog photographer. Dog balloon artist. All wonders your dog can experience in downtown Dallas on Friday, March 31st, for the grand opening of Boho + Bark, a thoughtfully designed and curated canine boutique and supply store. The celebration will last from 4:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M., and you can bring your pup along to the party!

You may have visited Boho + Bark during its soft opening in mid-March, when founder and owner Lexi Maupin, to her great shock, sold out of many of her items. Begun as purely an online store, Maupin dreamed of opening a physical location in which pups and their owners alike can find utilitarian and aesthetic essentials for any day. Her signature product, The Dana, is a cute bandana that suits any breed and color. She proudly states that the prints are sourced from independent, women-owned designer shops and printed on 100% cotton with eco-friendly dyes.

Boho + Bark’s other products share similar attention to details. The treats not only have incredible flavor combinations like pumpkin ginger and roasted duck with orange and carrot, but also most of the ingredients are sourced from Georgia farms, adding to the freshness and nutrition integrity dog parents everywhere are sure to appreciate.

You’d think Maupin has been a dog mamma for a while, but she shares that she actually didn’t adopt her first dog, Willow, until after college. During initial supply shopping she was disappointed with low-quality pet food and cheap accessories prevalent in most pet supply stores. However, she used that disappointment to fuel her ideas of creating products she would feel confident giving her precious pup.

“I went to Joann’s, bought some fabric, learned to sew, and started making bandanas!” she said. 

The satisfaction from making her own accessories quickly spiraled into formulating other pieces. Not only did she find more patterns and create additional style lines for the Danas, Maupin also forecasted an open market for dog-walking accessories, spa essentials, toys, food, and feeding equipment because dogs everywhere had needs that big-box stores weren’t addressing.

Inventing new products and building her business for the past four years has been a fruitful journey in more ways than one for Maupin, who expresses that despite being online until recently, she has always loved to include her customers and social media followers in naming fabric patterns for each season. She attributes this connection with her customers as the factor that makes everything she does such a beautiful experience.

“Even when I was online, I wanted to involve the community; and I want that to translate to the store,” she asserts. “I don’t even feel like the store is mine–it’s everyone’s!”

Maupin relates that creating items that make being a dog mom easier is just one of her goals. Once the store opens next week, a schedule will be posted of events which dogs and their parents can attend, one of which will be Puppy Yoga. Boho + Bark will be partnering up with Paulding County Animal Shelter to host yoga classes where attendees can meet adoptable pups.

Chances are, your dog wants to live life as luxuriously as you. With Boho + Bark in the neighborhood, those dreams can come true. Visit the store at 221 Main Street in Dallas, Georgia, on March 31st and visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bohoandbark for store updates!

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