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Villa Rica High Earns National STEM Certification

Nationally STEM certified Villa Rica High School faculty and administration celebrated the campus’s certification with district personnel and community partners at a celebration event April 11.

Villa Rica High School has been named a National STEM Certified Campus by the National Institute for STEM Education making a total of 13 Carroll County Schools campuses with the distinction.

NISE-certified STEM campuses have implemented 21st-century learning and strategies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that transform school culture and maximize student achievement. Only 2 percent of schools in the nation are nationally STEM certified.

In addition to VRHS becoming a NISE National STEM Campus, five VRHS teachers also earned their individual STEM certification: Kimberly Aderhold, Brittany Arrington, Monica Chason, Robyn Porter and Lee Tucker. Also, VRHS administrators are now National STEM certified administrators.

“STEM education is a priority in Carroll County,” Carroll County Schools Superintendent Scott Cowart said. “We emphasize future-focused thinking and skills at all of our schools, and STEM concepts are a great way to teach students to be goal oriented and have a growth mindset. STEM practices are a strong foundation to create lifelong learners.”

VRHS is also district STEM certified, under a process only three school systems in Georgia utilize. Seventeen Carroll County Schools campuses have district STEM certification.

“The National STEM Certification process has provided us with an opportunity to create an academic culture that best meets the needs of an ever-changing world,” Villa Rica High Principal Seth Rogers said. “We are a diverse campus, and in celebrating that, we are committed to STEM-based instruction through collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking while empowering our students to be enrolled, enlisted or employed as they engage with their communities after graduation.”

“I am so proud and grateful to work alongside teachers who are willing to think and step outside the box to provide unique and enriching experiences for our students,” Rogers said.

Carroll County Schools continues to be a leader in STEM education with 18 District STEM certified schools, 13 Nationally STEM certified schools, and 1 Internationally STEM certified elementary school. Carroll County School System is one of only three districts in Georgia to have a District STEM certification process and the only system in the state with a STEAM certification process.

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