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Carrollton Couple Causing Quite the Buzz Around Downtown Carrollton

After traveling all over, including internationally, indulging in the many open-ended options of all things coffee, a Carrollton couple is bringing a new twist to the abundant coffee scene in the community.

Jason Martin and his wife Chelsea are the owners of a brand new, soon-to-be-open coffee shop located near Adamson Square in downtown Carrollton, Buzzards Coffee. Until a year ago the Martins were residing in Boulder, Colorado, but moved back to Chelsea’s hometown of Carrollton “to be closer to family.”

Over the last decade the Martins have traveled a lot, which gave them considerable exposure to the variations of coffee all around. Jason noted locations such as Italy, Colorado, and Tennessee–specifically Nashville–impressing Chelsea and him with some good coffee.

Along this journey of coffee tasting, the Martins learned a great deal about the craft of coffee and the specialty coffee scene which sparked the idea to bring that to their hometown. “We’ve been traveling a lot over the past 10 years or so. We have really been inspired by a lot of places internationally, coffee wise, and we’ve met some people that have done a really good job. So, we wanted to bring that to our hometown,” Jason said.

Buzzards Coffee, located across from Brown Dog Eatery, is still under construction, but expects to be open for business by late May. Jason emphasized how Chelsea’s graphic design talents brought their idea to life as she designed the whole establishment, bringing a unique and one-of-a-kind pizzazz to the new coffee shop. “It’s gonna be beautiful and really cozy and inspiring and just different from really anything around right now,” Jason said.

Despite there being some friendly coffee competition nearby, the Martins are confident in their uniqueness and will be focusing on the art of coffee to stand apart from others. “We’re not even really in the same lane as other local area shops; we’re pretty different, you know. We’re not really about the fast pace, drive-thru stuff, you know, we’re kind of more into the higher quality espresso and coffee beans,” Jason said.

“There’s a lot of parking there that the square doesn’t have, so we really feel excited about the location right there…. There’s a whole parking lot down across the street, so we feel like it’s the best spot in town, actually, for a coffee shop,” Jason said.

To bring customers the best quality coffee, the Martins have partnered with “some really incredible” roasters in Colorado and Tennessee and are “really excited to share that with the city.” Jason emphasized that the atmosphere of Buzzards Coffee is what will really stand out with a “really cool kind of surf vibe.” The goal is for it to be an inviting place where people can work and build relations and feel comfortable doing so.

Some examples of menu options at Buzzards will include pour overs and latte art. There will be options for kids and drinkers of simple coffee as well. There will be snacks available as the Martins are partnering with a European bakery in Atlanta that will deliver fresh pastries daily. Buzzards will teach customers how to make their own coffee at home and sell Chemex equipment and bags of coffee beans to get them started with the process. Jason said it means a lot to his family to open Buzzards Coffee in Carrollton because it is their hometown and they are planting roots in the city for their children.

Buzzards Coffee is located at 211 Bradley Street. To contact the store, email [email protected] or check out their website for information buzzardscoffee.com.

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