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“This Must be the Place” – Chip’s Burgers Celebrates a Whole Year of Fresh Fun

This week Derek Huynh stands proudly in front of his latest restaurant adventure – Chip’s Burger Bar on Adamson Square in Carrollton, Georgia. The eatery stands tall in the most well-established part of town, yet it’s just stepping out of its first full year of operation.

The young, “fast casual” restaurant had big shoes to fill when Plate’s On the Square closed back in 2021. However, Huynh was confident that he and his crew could add something new and exciting to the vibrant downtown life Carrollton enjoys. Observing the need for quick service with the top-notch quality of a sit-down restaurant, Huynh designed a dining room and kitchen to fill a gaping niche.

Sampling countless fast-casual burger joints in Atlanta, Huynh documented favorites and gleaned design ideas to piece together the perfect restaurant. The result is a spacious, well-lit dining room, a smaller kitchen that only accommodates for the fresh food deliveries twice a week, and a lengthy bar with enough room to share with all your friends. To minimize the traffic between the downstairs dining area and the upstairs bar, Huynh had a dumbwaiter installed for the bar to safely deliver drinks downward, and meals from the kitchen upstairs.

Most importantly, Huynh curated a Carrollton-specific menu showcasing his creativity and finesse using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local cattle farmers and produce markets. He brags that the restaurant’s food storage is limited for the sole purpose of only having fresh items on hand. 

“Our build-a-burger options are easily the most popular items on our menu besides the Dixie Burger,” Huynh states. “I’ve noticed that Carrollton likes to customize their food.”

Huynh shares that by observing what the popular items were at the busiest eateries in the immediate area, he was able to both include enhanced burger and sides versions while also capitalizing on what didn’t exist in Carrollton.

“I noticed there wasn’t a quality place in town where you could get great food and still make it back to work in time,” he said intensely. “I want Chip’s to be that place.”

His unofficial research has paid off. With a Sunday brunch menu launched a couple months ago, he has seen increased interest and regulars, which to him is the most rewarding part of starting up a new restaurant. To help celebrate the restaurant’s coming into its second year, in the coming months a third menu will be launched offering new options like bratwursts on brioche buns to the diverse burger mix. 

Chip’s Burger Bar continues to inspire every taste bud in every season. You can keep tabs on their menu reveals, seasonal drinks, and even “Staff Spotlights” on their Facebook page, view current photos of their delicious options and vibrant dining room on their website, and experience the fun for yourself at 301 Adamson Square in Carrollton!