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Walker Meats Expands Distribution Center and Shop

To Bill Walker and Nicole Walker Smith of Walker Meats in Carrollton, meeting somebody’s needs is priority one. Before constructing additions to their 821 Tyus Carrollton Road property, the siblings and their family managed to garner customers through the changing economy with a few office spaces and a warehouse. Now, thanks to their latest project, their building will offer a showroom and some additional storage space, sure to enhance their wholesale distribution center immensely.

Nicole emphasizes that the construction couldn’t have been made possible without the community’s tireless support.

“The foundation of this business is the community,” Nicole declares. “We rely on those people.”

The family looks forward to offering a better space for locals to view their products. Bill and Nicole actually let me into their refrigerated warehouse where the savory scents hit me like a train. Anyone who’s within a 10-yard radius of their beef, sausages, and Brunswick stew will salivate like a baby. No wonder the Walkers have no problem finding and keeping their customers. For clients ranging from schools to restaurants to churches to grocery stores, Walker Meats has been the top-notch local meat distributor for a very good reason.

Since 1973 the Walkers have stayed on top of their business. Starting as a simple slaughterhouse facility, the Walkers gained the business and respect of the West Georgia farming community, eventually adding meat processing to their growing list of services. Even when times have gotten tough, the family has diversified their products.

“We’re interested in selling anything Georgia!” Nicole exclaims.

Walker’s also welcomes local vendors to come sell at their new and improved facility as soon as it’s complete – they’re estimating sometime in late June or July of this year.

“Having vendors is our way of giving back,” Bill and Nicole say. “They buy from us, and we want everyone to buy from them, too!”

Their relationship with the community isn’t just transactional. Nicole and Bill truly enjoy sustaining the community – even when they have to get creative.

During the Covid-19 crisis, many grocery stores experienced shortages, especially when it came to quality meats. However, Walker Meats stepped up to the plate. The dinner plate.

“We didn’t stop working. We were an essential business during that time,” Bill explained.

And the drive-thru system? Well, that worked so well during the pandemic that Bill and Nicole decided to keep running it alongside their storefront and regular truck deliveries.

If they were open per usual during the pandemic, you know they’re still open despite the construction. You can visit their storefront at 821 Tyus Carrollton Road in Carrollton to check out their products. They’re open Monday – Friday from 8:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. You can also check out their website, walkermeats.com, where you can see an exhaustive list of their products, or give them a call at 770-834-8171.

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