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Grantville’s Two Hottest New Businesses Take Off

Drumroll please for two of Coweta County’s latest hits: Red’s Grub Shack and Grace’s on Main. These two have garnered a large, faithful following in less than a year from the locals. Located on wheels, Red’s rides around Newnan and Grantville, attending public events such as fairs and shows, while Grace’s sits in Grantville’s quaint downtown area. These two businesses offer these small towns a taste of something unique that you won’t want to miss.

Established last summer, Red’s Grub Shack started shelling out half-pound burgers, flavorful wings, and home cut fries out of their food truck. Watch them roll up to motorcycle shows, seasonal festivals, and more – all while keeping their long line moving without sacrificing quality.

“When we know the crowds will be bigger, we shrink our menu down,” owner Charles Phillips “Red” beams, demonstrating that he doesn’t cut the most important corners.

Red relishes in his nine different half-pound burgers, emphasizing that they hold not only more weight than most other burgers of similarly high quality, but more flavor as well. Most notably, Red has a burger named after him! The Red features a half-pound patty slathered in bacon, sauteed onions, and mozzarella – all held between crispy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Guests can expect new wing flavors and healthier options in the coming months as well as a brick and mortar location, which Red and his wife recently purchased in Grantville. Follow their Facebook page for all updates. You can’t miss the screaming face in their profile picture!

“Life doesn’t always give you the fairest path, but it’s also an opportunity to see the community offer help and give support,” Red says reverently. “It’s so good to see people love what you make. It’s like I’m cooking for family.”

On that heartwarming note, next door to Red’s stands Graces on Main. The furniture store offers a homey atmosphere that you can take home with you! Featuring regal dressers, quirky clocks, vintage settees, framed mirrors, and other antique store staples like metal signs and bottle crates, the antique store is sure to be your one-stop shop for beautiful home decor.

Ron and Michelle Cook originally wanted to open Graces in January of this year, but had to postpone until Easter. Nevertheless, they’re witnessing something special happening in downtown Grantville.

“The neighbors are awesome,” Ron exclaims. “Many have stopped by and expressed their excitement about something new downtown.” He admits that some have been skeptical the business will stay for more than a year, but that hasn’t stopped him and Michelle from wanting to share their passion. Ron also adds that about sixty percent of their customers are resellers.

“We make money and they make money!” Ron laughs. He also takes pride in that their prices are reasonable and that they include sales tax in the listed price. Customers also don’t have to worry about paying fees from using their credit cards.

You can visit Graces on Main on their Facebook page here, or visit their store at 26 Main Street in Grantville. They are open from Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. and Sunday from noon to 5:00 P. M.

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