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A Roadside Food Stop Down Memory Lane Closed

Heflin’s oldest restaurant has closed. Tasty Dip, which was located on US 78 just east of downtown Heflin, was a place where many in our community grew up. For resident Erin Haider it was just that for 15 years, “Tasty Dip will always be our family favorite, especially because our son is such a picky eater; so finding a restaurant that has something he will eat is difficult. He loved their mozzarella sticks, fries, and strawberry milkshakes.”

She went on to share a memory that will last a lifetime, “A couple of years ago our family dog was with us to explore the Shoal Creek Baptist Church and Colemon Lake, and after our adventure we went to Tasty Dip for a late lunch. Our dog was with us, so we didn’t want to eat at any of the picnic tables. An older guy (who we assumed was the owner or manager) told us we could sit there with our dog since it was open air and no one was really around eating, just those getting to-go orders. We will never forget the kindness, amazing food, and treats at Tasty Dip. They will always hold a special place in our hearts and bellies.”

The former restaurant at 1278 Ross Street is now for sale, listed by a local agent. Along with those in the community we hope that someone will reopen Tasty Dip and keep its legacy alive.