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Wasdin Scholarship expands to support more students at UWG

The Wasdin Scholarship, named in memory of Gelon E. Wasdin Sr. (pictured), was created by his sons, Gelon Jr. and John, in the 1980s.

The Wasdin Scholarship was established to support the educational journey of Bremen High School graduates at the University of West Georgia, and now, it is broadening its reach to include students from Haralson County High School, as well.

The Wasdin Scholarship provides assistance to students like Ansley Shumake, a first-year business management major, who said the scholarship has allowed her to achieve her dreams of pursuing higher education.

“My lifelong dream has been to earn a college degree, and this scholarship has helped make that possible for me,” explained Shumake. “I will forever appreciate the generosity of the Wasdin family because it takes a big weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on academics rather than finances.”

The scholarship, named in memory of Gelon E. Wasdin Sr., was created by his sons, Gelon Jr. and John, in the 1980s.

“The scholarship was founded in honor of our father to provide more opportunities for our hometown students at Bremen High School,” explained Wasdin Jr. “Everyone knows a graduating senior who needs financial support for college, and this scholarship gives students the confidence they need to complete their first year at UWG.”

Wasdin Sr. was an avid civic and business leader in the Bremen and West Georgia area. He graduated from Georgia Tech and attended law school at night to continue his education before becoming an attorney.

“My father was successful because he kept learning and educating himself,” said Wasdin Jr. “Although we didn’t talk about it much, my brother and I understood the value of higher education because our dad dedicated himself to it.”

Gelon Jr. and the late John Wasdin saw the impact of this scholarship on students from Bremen High School and how it has changed students’ lives. This encouraged the family to expand the scholarship endowment opportunity to students from Haralson County High School as well. As the scholarship continues to grow, the Wasdin family hopes it will inspire others to invest in education.

“Over the years, we saw the students who received our family scholarship, and we knew many of them became successful leaders in their communities,” Wasdin Jr. explained. “We wanted to give students the opportunity to continue their education because giving back to UWG is an important part of investing in our community.”

Haralson County High School Principal Vic Coggins ’00 said the Wasdin Scholarship cultivates numerous opportunities for his students to continue their education at UWG.

“Haralson County High School is thrilled to be included in the Wasdin Scholarship,” Coggins said. “Investments in the education of our students will continue to bring positive returns to our community. Due to the generosity of the Wasdin family, our students will receive financial assistance in pursuit of the high-quality educational programs available at UWG.”

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