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Sports Turf Debuts Newly Renovated Grisham Stadium and Maddox-Musselwhite Track at Carrollton High School

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2023)

Sports Turf Company, a specialty sports construction and surfacing company, is proud to announce it has completed the artificial turf field and track renovation at Carrollton High School’s Grisham Stadium and Maddox-Musselwhite Track. The field renovation took place last winter, while the track renovation began at the conclusion of track season in May.

“I appreciate our long-standing partnership with Sports Turf and North Georgia Turf,” Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus said. “I commend their quality job on the renovations of our athletic facilities as we work to provide enhancements that measure up to our standard of excellence.”

Sports Turf Company renovated Grisham Stadium’s existing turf field into a system that surpasses others in safety, durability and performance. The artificial turf system features Astro Turf’s 3D Decade System, Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad and organic BrockFILL infill. AstroTurf’s Decade system is a performance artificial turf that combines slit film and monofilament fibers, alongside an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

“It’s an honor to provide top performing athletic facilities to Trojan Nation,” Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins said. “Carrollton City Schools place a great importance on its facilities durability, performance and safety and we’re happy to provide surfaces that meet their needs.”

The Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad and BrockFILL are specifically engineered to optimize safety for athletes during impacts to the surface. BrockFILL is the latest in organic infills and is sustainably grown and harvested in Georgia.

“Sports Turf has equipped our athletic facilities with technology that focuses on safety, performance and durability,” Carrollton City Schools Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations Craig George said. “The updates in Grisham Stadium will provide the best surfaces for our student-athletes as they compete and practice each day.”

In addition to the field renovation, the existing eight-lane running track surface at Grisham Stadium and Maddox-Musselwhite Track was resurfaced with Rekortan M synthetic surface, a World Athletics-certified, impermeable system featuring two distinct layers. This system delivers force reduction, ensures stability for predictable footing and is sealed to protect against moisture intrusion.

Specializing in different types of sports surfaces, Sports Turf builds natural grass, artificial turf sports fields, and tennis courts and track surfaces. Sports Turf guides schools through selecting the best options for a facility, expert installation, and ongoing commitment through its lifetime, with a focus on safety, performance, and durability.

For more information about Sports Turf Company, please visit www.sportsturf.net or find them on Facebook and Twitter at @STCFieldBuilder.

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