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Barks N Bubbles Completes Their One-of-a-Kind Dog Experience

Photo provided by Barks N Bubbles

Imagine a world where morning commutes weren’t a hassle. The bus arrives for the kids and you yourself may even have a carpool to work. But there’s a speedbump: your dog needs a bath – no, he needs a makeover. Well, the groomer’s out of the way and the clock is ticking…wait…what’s that big van coming down the road?

Starting next week, Barks-N-Bubbles’ Bark Bus will be rolling in your neighborhood to cut down the back and forth. This enhanced van features comfortable seating both for dogs who feel safer in crates and for those fine in a harness secured to the sides of the van. The Bark Bus comes to anyone who gives Barks-N-Bubbles a call!

Owner and operator Misty Ledford shares that the Bus not only offers dogs a safe and convenient transport to their groomer or daycare, but also provides a way for dogs to have a bit of a social life. In addition to sharing sniffs and smiles with friends, commuter dogs will be able to experience the thrills of a joyride, windows down and all!

“I’m excited about this newest venture,” Ledford exclaims. “I want to provide as much as I can for the community while also giving dogs a fun time!”

Barks-N-Bubbles, founded in 2006, has periodically brought a refreshing, new service or storefront to accommodate their canine clientele. Serving Carroll County specifically has been their number one priority for the past eleven years, during which they have grown in size regarding their business and staff.

“I have nine groomers and they do the job well!” Ledford beams. “You won’t find another dog grooming service with that large of a staff.”

With that being said, Ledford has plenty of hands to help out with the Bark Bus. Your pet will be safe, secure, and smiling the whole route!

And maybe your schedule isn’t packed out as previously imagined, but perhaps driving your dog anywhere or leaving the house isn’t an option for you. The Bark Bus and all the staff at Barks-N-Bubbles are here for you! No matter if your pet needs a ride to a groomer besides Barks-N-Bubbles, the service is for any dog!

You can book a spot, request pricing, and view restrictions on the Bark Bus by calling 770-834-2284. For more details about specific grooming and their mobile grooming vehicle’s services, visit their Facebook and website at barksnbubblesgroomingsalon.com.

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