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Crye-Leike Presents Their A-Team of Community Realtors

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Villa Rica holds some of west Georgia’s (and east Alabama’s) best REALTOR®s. And that’s not a paid promo: Crye-Leike’s (pronounced “cry-like”) REALTOR®s demonstrate their competency, integrity, and care not only in the office or at an open house, but throughout their everyday lives. One of those REALTOR®s Rob Smith, whom The City Menus has covered in previous articles, shared how grateful he is for solid, dependable colleagues.

“Closing out our second year, I’m reflecting on how we’ve grown,” he comments. “When we first started out in August 2021, we didn’t close out anything. However, this past month, we closed on six properties totaling 1.7 million!”

The Crye-Leike team continues to grow their sales as well as their team. West Georgia, be on the lookout for your newest REALTOR®s, Lakiesha Blakely and Kinue Rosario! As for the rest of the team, Smith asserts that although they each come from a different west Georgia city, they know and live the local life.

Take for example Essie Green: a Marietta local who not only informs you about a property’s potential, but the neighborhood’s potential to fulfill your and your family’s needs. Even outside the office, Green involves herself in local food pantries and her HOA, and continues her education in the field of realty.

Then there’s the high-spirited Carmen White: a home-grown Georgia girl who really knows her craft! White earned a marketing degree that she shares is a “plus plus plus” in aiding all of her clients.

Crye-Leike’s REALTOR®s pride themselves in being educated, professional, and eager to serve. REALTOR®s like Victoria White and Scott Parker understand that even seasoned investors need informed guidance with their endeavors. Needless to say, being a first-time home buyer comes with its own challenges and growing pains, but with help from realtors like Victoria and Scott, you have some of the strongest guides right by your side.

Each Crye-Leike REALTOR® has a special corner of their heart dedicated to people, and that goes especially for Delilah Bain, who has taken extra steps to go through additional training to help advertise properties for or relocate 911 dispatchers, veterans, and active duty military families. Knowledge of a specific property, its immediate surroundings, and its relation to the owner’s commute to work all go into Bain’s realtor services.

Crye-Leike holds west Georgia’s sharpest and smartest REALTOR®s. Rob Smith emphasizes that he is proud to be associated with each and every one of them – not something that any given worker could say so freely. Smith affirms that Crye-Leike’s Villa Rica office, despite its two-year existence in the area, has already built welcoming relationships that have assisted home-buyers and sellers – young and old – with everything they need to know when it comes to making that big decision in your life.

Interested in connecting with Rob Smith and his team? Office Administrator Sarah Johnson is in the office Monday through Friday 9:00 – 4:00, so stop by the office at 354 West Bankhead Highway in Villa Rica or call 770-456-2142 or visit their Facebook page, where they post updates, seller tips, and buyer celebrations. Turning a house into a home is what they do best. They’re waiting for you to take that next step!

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