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Carrollton City Schools Launches Trojan Nation Network

Carrollton City Schools is proud to announce the much-anticipated launch of its new broadcast media platform, the Trojan Nation Network (TNN).

TNN will be home for all things Carrollton City Schools. Weekly podcasts with teachers, students, administrators, and coaches will keep the community informed on the great things happening on campus. In addition to the podcasts, TNN will provide audio broadcast coverage for all Trojan football games this season and select broadcasts for all other Trojan teams for the 2023-2024 school year. 

TNN was the brainchild of Matt Skinner, sports information coordinator for the district. Skinner will lead as the host of TNN as well.

“I am thankful for the administration and our team that has allowed TNN to come to fruition,” said Skinner. “The dedication that our team gives to our teachers, staff, students, and coaches is second to none, and this new platform will enhance that even more. We are thankful for our great community sponsors who have partnered with us to make this happen, and just know that Trojan Nation is in for a great treat.”

The first episode of the podcast, released earlier this week, was an interview with Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus.

“We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to share our story through TNN,” said Albertus. “I am looking forward to tuning in this year.”

The next episodes to be released are interviews with Carrollton Elementary School Principal Dr. Kylie Carroll, Carrollton Upper Elementary School Principal Tabitha Walker, Carrollton Middle School Principal Eric Simmons, and Carrollton High School Principal Ian Lyle.

TNN can be accessed via any internet-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring easy access for all members of the community. This includes Apple iPhones and iPads, Google Play, and Android devices, and all computer desktop versions. Visit www.rdo.to/TNN to listen or download the mobile application