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Heath Guest Speaker at thINc360 Healthcare Conference

Photo provided by thINc360

Marcy Heath, Founder & CEO of Inoventive Benefits  Consulting, recently served as a guest speaker at the thINc360 (the former Healthcare  Innovation Congress) Conference in Washington, DC. Mrs. Heath is an experienced  and accomplished employee benefits consultant renowned for her expertise in providing  innovative benefits solutions to clients. With over 27 years of experience, Marcy has  collaborated with numerous clients, including small businesses, startups, and large  corporations. She has a deep understanding of the complex regulatory landscape and  has helped clients navigate the ever-changing healthcare market. “The opportunity to  speak at such a prestigious healthcare conference is such an honor. I truly appreciate  collaborating and sharing knowledge with other professionals in the industry,” said Mrs.  Heath. 

Marcy is a member of the Next Generation Benefits Mastermind Partnership – an elite  national network of strategic, forward thinking business consultants and benefit  advisors. Additionally, she has received recognition on several occasions as one of the  Top Women in Benefit Advising, Forbes Business Council, and the Best Healthcare  Strategy Consultancy by Global Insurance and Risk Management. 

The thINc360 Conference brings together executives from all sectors of healthcare to  discuss pressing issues facing the industry, strategies to accelerate innovation and  transformation, contain rising healthcare costs, and move toward value-based care. 

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