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Community Foundation of West Georgia Selects Technology Provider for The Connector Project

The Community Foundation of West Georgia (CFWG) has selected a technology provider for the organization’s new project, The Connector. “In a world filled with nonprofit organizations striving to make a difference, effective communication and connection play a crucial role in ensuring that the right services reach the people who need them most,” said Kim Jones, president of CFWG.

To meet those needs, the Foundation is introducing “The Connector” project— a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bridging the gap between nonprofit organizations and individuals seeking their assistance. The Connector will provide a central platform to connect neighbors in need to resources in West Georgia, and technology will serve as the project’s centerpiece. “When we started working on this project, we assumed the technology to support such a system was already in place and readily available,” she said. “We quickly realized that this was not the case, and such a platform would have to be built from the ground up.” Through a request for proposal (RFP) process, Dayworks, Inc. was selected to create the software. Dayworks, Inc. will design, develop and support this custom application.

They have extensive experience with public and private entities across the country. “This is truly groundbreaking for the West Georgia area, since such a technology does not yet exist. This system will allow us to see trends as they develop, giving us the ability to make informed decisions from a funding and programmatic perspective,” Jones said.

The Connector project represents a significant step forward in connecting nonprofit organizations to the individuals who need their services. By streamlining access, providing an efficient matching system and utilizing data-driven insights, the Connector will enable nonprofits to contribute to our community in a more holistic way. “This project has the potential to completely transform how we see and serve the most vulnerable in our community.” adds Meghan Bennett, director of St. Margaret’s Community Outreach. CFWG currently is seeking contributions to cover the cost of building this unique platform. Individuals and organizations interested in contributing to The Connector project should contact Jones at 770-832-1462.

For more information about Dayworks, Inc visit their website, dayworksinc.com. For more information about the Community Foundation of West Georgia and The Connector, visit its website at cfwg.net/theconnector