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Christine Carter – CUES Teacher of the Year

As the daughter and granddaughter of Filipino immigrants, Christine Carter was instilled with the importance of education at an early age. Her grandparents conveyed the value of a good education to her mother, who passed down that belief to Carter.

“I’m grateful my grandparents taught my mom the importance of education because she was able to teach and show me how education would play a vital role in my life.”

Carter remembers visiting her Filipino family members every year. “Thankfully, most of them lived in the United States. When visiting my Lolo (grandfather) and Lola (grandmother), I knew they would talk to me about my education. My grandfather was a superintendent for the school districts in Tarlac, Philippines, and my grandmother was a second-grade teacher. I always enjoyed hearing stories about my grandparents during their teaching careers. Those stories helped spark my interest in becoming a teacher one day.”

Carter said her grandparents were fun and lived life to the fullest, but it was clear that education needed to be the priority at the end of the day. Carter’s mother went to nursing school in the Philippines. 

“When she graduated, she came to the United States for more opportunities. Because of the opportunity my mom received, she always told me, and still tells me, I should never take my education for granted. Hearing her repeat this statement in high school was difficult to appreciate as a teenager. Still, I am forever grateful for her encouraging words because I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and support.”

Carter began her teaching career in 2006 at Carrollton Elementary School.

“I had the most amazing mentor who took me under her wing and guided me. While mentoring me, she talked to me about building relationships with my students and their families,” said Carter. “To this day, building relationships is a top priority to me. I want to learn all about my students and their families. I want to feel connected to them, but I also want them to know that I am here for them and will support them in any way I can. When relationships are made in the classroom, the magic of learning begins.”

Carter said she has always been a teacher who wants to grow and change.

“ I have always been the teacher who does not want to keep teaching the same grade level or the same subject. I’m always switching it up, but it allows me to grow every year,” she said. “I want a challenge, and I want my students to know that challenges help us grow. Our challenges shape us into the human beings we are today. We cannot take for granted the gifts we have been given to help our students grow and blossom into young adults.”

Carter’s impact on her students and other faculty members led to her selection as Carrollton Upper Elementary School Teacher of the Year for 2023-2024 last spring. She and Teachers of the Year for other district schools – Becky Benefield, Carrollton High School; Timothy Brodeur, Carrollton Middle School; and Kristina Bivins, Carrollton Elementary School, are now vying for the district honor to be announced at the Oct. 3 Board of Education meeting.