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CHS top high school in Carroll County according to U.S. News and World Report

Carrollton High School has been named one of the best high schools in Georgia and the nation, based on rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

Out of the 808 high schools in Georgia, CHS is ranked 117th. This places them among the top high schools in the West Georgia region and the foremost one in Carroll County.

“Our efforts are hyper-focused on pushing all of our students and teachers to be the best they can be,” said CHS Principal Ian Lyle. “The result is strong student performance and solid preparation for college and career readiness. I am proud to be principal at CHS.”

The top schools are those where students did exceptionally well on state tests, exceeded expectations on college-level exams, and graduated at high rates. U.S. News assigned numerical ranks to schools performing in the top 75%. Schools performing below the 25th percentile are listed alphabetically with a ranking range. 

U.S. News reports the ranking’s methodology draws from data for the 2020-2021 school year, using both state and federal datasets. In addition, the College Board and International Baccalaureate provided data on their respective college-prep programs, Advanced Placement and IB. These are the six indicators of school quality used to calculate the rankings:

  • College readiness determined by 12th grade students’ success in AP and/or IB exams.
  • Extent of college-level courses assessed by the variety of AP and/or IB exams taken and passed in different subjects by 12th grade students.
  • Math and reading proficiency gauged by student scores on state-required tests.
  • Math and reading performance evaluated by comparing how well schools do on state tests compared to what’s expected, based on the number of disadvantaged students they have.
  • Disadvantaged student achievement compared to non-disadvantaged peers on state assessments.
  • Graduation rates calculated based on the percentage of students entering ninth grade in 2017-2018 who graduated four years later.

Dr. Mark Albertus, superintendent, said Carrollton High School’s performance can be linked to the perseverance and hard work of students and staff. 

“Our staff has remained diligent in continuing to emphasize student achievement and our ranking in the state and our local area is a direct result of their determination. I am proud of the work our teams have done to help all students be successful at Carrollton High School.”