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Coweta Students Outscore State and National SAT Averages in 2023

The Coweta County School System’s average composite SAT score for the graduating class of 2023 was 1068, placing participating Coweta students well above state and national averages on the college entrance exam.

It was the sixth year in a row that Georgia students outscored the national average on the SAT, and the ninth year that Coweta students in turn outscored both state and national averages.

Coweta Schools’ average SAT performance placed Coweta 65 points above the national average and 23 points above the state average. Though Coweta County’s overall SAT score decreased by 2 points from 2022 to 2023, state and national SAT scores decreased significantly in this iteration of the college entrance exam, leading to a significant increase in Coweta’s lead over state and national SAT averages.

“These scores reflect very well on all of our schools,” said Coweta Superintendent Evan Horton.

“As a school system, we aim to help our students be very competitive for college admissions, competitive as they enter the workforce, and in other areas,” said Horton. “These results indicate that we are seeing success across our school system in meeting those goals.”

“Another of our goals is to make our community competitive, too,” said Horton. “While we are always seeking to raise the bar on our schools’ performance, I think these results give our community a competitive distinction, as well.”

This year, system-wide performance on the SAT college entrance exam placed the Coweta County School System in about the top 15 percent of mean SAT scores among the 182 Georgia school districts reporting in 2023.

Northgate posted the highest average SAT score in the county in 2023, at 1105. East Coweta and Newnan High Schools saw increases in their average 2023 SAT scores over 2022, and all three Coweta high schools outscored both state and national SAT averages.

Reporting released by the College Board and the Georgia Department of Education shows test results for 2022 graduates on the SAT’s Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections of the test. The test is scaled between 400 and 1600 points. The mean scores above represent data for students in the graduating class of 2023 who took the SAT during high school. Test-takers are counted only once and only their latest scores are included in the annual average.

The Georgia Department of Education reported that SAT test participation among 2023’s graduating classes remained largely the same, after increasing sharply compared from 2021 to 2022. 50 percent of Georgia’s class of 2023 took the SAT at some point during high school, compared to 51 percent of the class of 2022. Only 38 percent of Georgia’s class of 2021 took the college entrance exam, when the impacts of the pandemic – including the temporary waiver of SAT/ACT score requirements for University System of Georgia admissions, and the cancellation of some test registrations and closure of some test centers in 2020 – caused fewer students in the graduating class to take the SAT.

“I am extremely proud of Georgia’s students as they continue to beat the national average on the SAT,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “This is a testament to the hard work of students and teachers, along with the families who have invested in them. It’s also confirmation that Georgia is on the right track as we continue to heavily invest in academic recovery and address lost learning opportunities for every student in every school.”

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