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Carrollton Receives Health and Wellbeing Grant

The City of Carrollton was selected by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) to receive one of the $10,000 Health Promotion and Wellbeing Grants awarded statewide to promote worksite programs that enhance the health and wellbeing of city employees and family members.

Awards are made to members of the GMA GMEBS Life and Health Insurance Fund, underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, based on a city’s commitment to employee health and demonstrated collaboration with other community groups and organizations engaged in health promotion.

As part of the grant process, the city designated a Health Promotion Champion to develop a workplace health promotion action plan and attend Local Government Risk Management Services’ (LGRMS) High Impact Health Promotion Champion training sessions.

Workplace wellbeing programs have a demonstrated track record of improving employee health and quality of life while reducing medical claims and improving workplace morale. GMA offers wellbeing services to all member cities through LGRMS, a not-for-profit agency operated jointly with the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

At the city’s annual health fair, city employees were offered a confidential health assessment program using a health risk appraisal with blood pressure screening and health improvement feedback.

The GMA – GMEBS is available to all Georgia Municipal Association members. Currently, several cities, authorities and regional commissions participate in the health plan. All cities, authorities and regional commissions participating in the GMA – GMEBS are eligible to apply for the Health and Wellbeing Incentive Grants on an annual basis.