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Got Paint? Recycle Paint October 14 with Keep Newnan Beautiful

Since paint contains harmful substances that are dangerous to our health and environment, leftover paint is considered hazardous waste. If it ends up in the landfill, it can leach heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, and toxic chemicals in the soil and groundwater. Wet Paint is the most common household hazardous waste. Did you know paint can go bad if it’s too old? If paint smells rancid, it’s probably gone bad. Some paint can last 10 years, if stored properly. However, if the lid isn’t on right or you leave the container in the sun it might only last 6 months. Getting rid of old paint is a PAIN. It is not cheap and it is messy.

Since, wet paint is an environmental hazard disposing of it can be challenging. Most people know about the kitty litter dry out method. It takes some patience and some cash- you add the kitty litter to the can and stir. There is also a product called Paint Dry that will solidify a half gallon of wet paint. Once your paint is solid or the can is completely dried out- you can take those items to the landfill. However, if you are looking for an easier option, Keep Newnan Beautiful has brought Paint Recycling to Newnan. In fact, they host the event twice a year and it is EASY. It is NOT free but we have found it to be similar in price to the other options listed above- especially if you have several cans of paint laying around. AND they take spray paint cans too.

KNB contracts with Atlanta Paint Disposal to recycle the paint. The company has a chemist that helps them reformulate the collected paint whenever possible. Then they resell it or donate the paint to non-profits. They even recycle or reuse the containers as well. Keep Newnan Beautiful typically collects 1400-2000 gallons of paint twice a year. When you do the math, keeping 3000-4000 gallons of paint and their containers out of the landfill each year is pretty impressive. Keep Newnan Beautiful’s next Paint Recycling event is this Saturday, October 14 from 8am-12 noon behind Newnan City Hall located at 25 Lagrange Street. Discounts offered to City of Newnan residents with proof of address. Call 678-673-5505 with questions or click HERE to get information on their website. Collection Fees do apply.

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