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Broke Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer? Get It Repaired While You Shop Soon

Add another to the list of “services while you shop” being offered by a major retailer in Carrollton. In 2022 Walmart corporate reached a deal with Techy By DrPhoneFix to add their services inside store locations all across the country and will soon open one in Carrollton. Techy takes the space formerly occupied by the hair salon in the front of the store. According to Techy’s website and social media, they offer repair services for phones, computers, tablets, game consoles, and other electronics while also selling refurbished items of the same types. Additionally, they also offer installation services ranging from phone cases and screen protectors done in store to scheduling in-home smart home installs. All repairs and installations also come with a lifetime limited warranty. This location for Techy inside Walmart will be the first west of Atlanta. A date for opening has not been announced yet.

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Kevin Hemphill
Kevin is a reporter for The City Menus. A 2007 graduate of the University of West Georgia, he moved out of state briefly before returning to the Carroll County community in 2013. He enjoys seeing and writing about the growth in Carrollton and surrounding communities.