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Law and public safety pathway preps students for careers in field

Carrollton High School began offering a law and public safety pathway this school year. Pictured is CHS junior Alayna Parks with teacher Mike Howell practicing a simulated traffic stop in the law and public safety class.

Carrollton High School rolled out a new Career Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) pathway this year focused on law and public safety for students interested in a career in the field.

The law, public safety, corrections, and security career cluster helps prepare students for employment relating to emergency and fire services, legal services, protective services, and homeland security.

CHS Assistant Principal and CTAE Director Elizabeth Sanders said the school gathered data from a career aptitude test to gauge student interest and needs.

“Of all the pathways listed, law and public safety had the most student interest, with approximately 600 students listing it as their top choice,” she said.

Ninety students are enrolled in the intro class this semester, and CHS teacher and retired law enforcement officer Mike Howell expects a similar amount of students next semester as well.

“This year students had the opportunity to attend Superior court trials and interact with college-level criminologists and scientists,” said Howell. 

Students also had the opportunity to see how evidence is received and stored, along with the forensic lab and processing facility at the Carrollton Police Department.

“CHS partners with the police department, and one of my students recently began an internship there,” said Howell. She will be exposed to several different areas while she works there.”

Jenna Hand, a junior at CHS, began her internship with CPD earlier this week.

“I am most excited to work in the criminology lab and to get an inside look at how a police station operates,” said Jenna. “I am also looking forward to getting a feel for what it’s going be like when I finish college so maybe I can come back and work here.”

Jenna said she has enjoyed the law and public safety course this year.

“I have really liked Mr. Howell’s class because it helped me prepare for my interview with the police department and learn the history of the police force,” she said. “Mr. Howell is a great teacher and this is a great class.”

Howell said many rewards come with teaching the law and public safety class at CHS, but one in particular stands out the most.

“I love helping create opportunities for my students here at CHS,” he said. “That is the most rewarding part of what I do and I am excited for all that’s to come.” 

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