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Full Circle: The Toys of Yesteryear

Owner and founder of Full Circle Toys and Games, Richard Mix calls the store “a great place to get a unique gift idea for anybody from the age of five to five hundred.” Which in our opinion is a great way to sum up Full Circle. Both he and his wife Kelli can be seen on any given day sorting through endless treasures that make their way into the store.

Founded in 2008, the company specializes in collecting and selling unique items ranging from toys and oddball merchandise to old and new records, video games; everything from Atari to PS5; Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, board games, and much more. Both Richard and Kelli enjoy helping find a new place for their merchandise in the arms of a welcoming collector. During our interview with Richard specifically, he went over how he got started, where that venture went, and what Full Circle is all about. 

When asked about the roots of the business, Richard talked about his youth. He recalled, “I was a Coca-Cola collector, and I was in the film business, and I had a side business of just selling stuff I liked. I started doing Ebay sales in 1996–when it was new– selling collectables, mostly Coca Cola stuff online.” 

The eBay store he used at the time was located in Carrollton where both Richard and his wife Kelli lived. This particular eBay store in Carrollton would sell and ship items on Richard and Kelli’s behalf. However with time, the store there was having some issues with their employees and the next nearest eBay Store was in Newnan. 

Richard drove once a month for a year to Newnan to ship all the items he sold. One day, as Richard recalls, “This one guy pulled me aside and told me, ‘Hey the business isn’t going to make it, so why don’t you open a store.’” 

Richard did just that. He took a year off from the film business to run the store. Jumping forward fifteen years later, and Full Circle stands! Full Circle is a place where shoppers of all ages can be in the same place this Holiday Season to find a unique gift that will certainly make friends and family remember the past. 

You can find Full Circle Toys and Games at 17 Jefferson Street in downtown Newnan and online at https://fullcircletoysandgames.com.

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