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Tanner, Jacksonville State Join Forces to Enhance Education

Photo by Tanner Health System

Jacksonville State University (JSU) and Tanner Health System have announced a new partnership providing educational opportunities for Tanner employees.

JSU will offer a 20% corporate tuition scholarship per semester to full-time, part-time and PRN Tanner team members. Application fees are also waived for new students.

“We at Jax State are so excited to have Tanner on board in this expanded capacity,” said Dr. Christie Shelton, JSU provost and a nurse practitioner. “We had a relationship with Tanner already for the RN-to-BSN bridge program, as well as our respiratory therapy bridge program. With this expansion, we can offer full and part-time employees a 20% discount to pursue whatever opportunities they may need to advance their careers. We can’t wait to see how this relationship progresses.”

Tanner employees might be interested in the university’s many online programs, including bachelor’s degree programs for registered nurses and respiratory therapists. The partnership also provides a chance for employees to pursue other educational opportunities, such as a master’s degree or certificate programs.

According to Jill Anelli, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at Tanner, this partnership addresses a crucial need: the educational component.

“Many non-certified roles within the organization lack the necessary training, leading to unfulfilled job satisfaction and a sense of disconnection,” said Anelli. “By integrating education into the equation, employees become more engaged, fit better with the company culture and experience a higher level of fulfillment.”

The partnership between Jacksonville State University and Tanner Health System is an opportunity for employees to further their education and advance their careers without breaking the bank. For more information, visit jsu.edu/partnerships/tannerhealth/.