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Central High School Awarded Bright Ideas Grants from Carroll EMC

Central High School was awarded four (4) Carroll EMC Bright Ideas grants for use in teacher classrooms. Mrs. Christine Hanson wrote a grant for her Community-Based Instruction classroom called Comforting Kids with Calming Hugs. By receiving grant funding Ms. Hanson will be able to support her students with a wide variety of items that will reduce anxiety and increase hands on learning opportunities.

Ms. Jacklyn Ross completed her grant application for a document camera and a calculator emulator to improve instruction in her Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus and Pre-Calculus classes.

Mr. Stanley Clarke was awarded a Bright Ideas grant to purchase three (3) honeybee hives for Central High School. Along with the purchase of the hives Mr. Clarke plans to buy a protective suit, gloves and smoker for bee handling. Future plans include having students research the most efficient and sustainable way to have and maintain honeybees on a school campus.

Mrs. Brooke Jaye is a member of the Central High School math department. She was awarded a Bright Idea grant to fund the purchase of software to better demonstrate real-world use of math concepts in the classroom. Prisms provides a virtual reality platform that enables learners to grasp abstract math concepts in a meaningful way. Students gain a deeper understanding of world problems accelerating proficiencies in core concepts across math, geometry, and algebra courses.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our teachers and the effort they put into bringing a higher level of instruction to our students,” said Mr. Edwards. He continued, “Carroll EMC has supported grant applications from schools across Carroll County for a countless number of years. Their continued support gives our students more opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.”