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Anil Dhople, MD, Elevates Cancer Care with $25,000 Gift to Tanner Medical Foundation

Anil Dhople, MD, showed his commitment to the Roy Richards, Sr. Cancer Center at Tanner Health with a $25,000 donation to the Tanner Medical Foundation.Anil Dhople, MD

As a radiation oncologist, medical director and quality advisor at the Roy Richards, Sr. Cancer Center, Dr. Dhople understands the importance of investing in advanced technology and essential services for patient care.

Dr. Dhople began his tenure at Tanner in 2020 and also serves on the Tanner Medical Foundation Board of Trustees. With an educational background in mathematics and engineering combined with an interest in medicine, radiation oncology gave Dr. Dhople the perfect blend of patient care and engineering that he desired in a career.

He chose to join Tanner because of its dedication to continuous investment in technology and its commitment to providing comprehensive cancer care.

“The technology used in radiation oncology constantly improves, and it was important for me to be part of a system that backs technological upgrades,” said Dr. Dhople. “Along with investing in technology, there are essential pieces needed to run a successful cancer program — tumor boards, patient navigators, dietician services and other ancillary services. Unfortunately, many cancer centers lack those essential elements because they incur costs instead of revenue. Tanner is an exception; Tanner recognizes that those essential services provide better care and prioritizes the needs of patients and their families. That sense of community helps our clinical staff provide the best care possible.”

Dr. Dhople acknowledged the significant impact of the Tanner Medical Foundation on patient care. From assisting with medication and transportation to procuring state-of-the-art equipment and program development, the foundation plays a crucial role in advancing patient care.

Program development — including open-heart surgery and cancer care — is a priority for the Tanner Medical Foundation. This development ensures that the growing communities served by Tanner Health have access to the healthcare services they need.

Currently, Tanner Medical Foundation is running a capital campaign with a matching gift pledge of up to $500,000, amplifying the impact of donors’ contributions.

“The foundation supports Tanner’s commitment to advancing patient care. Supporting the foundation allows me to make a bigger impact on the lives of my fellow community members, friends and neighbors,” Dr. Dhople said.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, Tanner Health can provide critical care and support services to local cancer patients. Donations support advanced treatment options, medical technologies and financial assistance, so patients in the west Georgia region receive the highest quality care.

Tanner Medical Foundation is grateful to all the donors and community partners who share the mission of enhancing care and increasing access to health care for local patients.

To learn more about supporting the Tanner Medical Foundation or named gift opportunities at Tanner Health, visit TannerMedicalFoundation.org.