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New Initiative by Carroll County and City of Carrollton Targets Rising Fentanyl Concerns

The Carroll County Fentanyl Awareness Coalition, in collaboration with the City of Carrollton and Carroll County, is proud to announce the launch of the “Fentanyl Stops Here” campaign. Funded by a grant from the federal opioid settlement, this initiative aims to address the escalating fentanyl crisis in our community.

The campaign is a response to the urgent need for awareness and education about the dangers of fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid responsible for a significant rise in overdoses and fatalities. “Fentanyl Stops Here” is dedicated to providing vital information, prevention strategies, and support resources to those affected by substance use disorders.

“The ‘Fentanyl Stops Here’ campaign represents our city’s unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our community. Together with Carroll County, law enforcement, and other partners, we are taking a stand against the fentanyl crisis to protect our citizens and build a safer future for all,” said Betty Cason, Mayor of Carrollton.

Key elements of the campaign include educational outreach, social media engagement, and community events. These efforts are bolstered by partnerships with local schools, healthcare facilities, and law enforcement to maximize reach and effectiveness.

The City Menus specifically will be sharing compelling personal stories of individuals affected by fentanyl, along with information on local recovery resources and support systems. Owner of The City Menus, Jonathan Dockery shares, “Behind every statistic of the fentanyl crisis in our region, we hear from those who have walked the challenging path of recovery, their stories are a testament to the human spirit. It encourages others that anything is possible through resources like Fentanyl Stops Here. Through The City Menus we hope to highlight the vital resources available for those seeking help.”

“This campaign is a critical step in our ongoing efforts to combat the fentanyl epidemic. Through education, prevention, and enforcement, we aim to significantly reduce the devastating impact of this drug on our community,” stated Terry Langley, Carroll County Sheriff.

“As law enforcement officers, our top priority is the safety of our residents. The ‘Fentanyl Stops Here’ campaign allows us to proactively address the fentanyl issue, not just through enforcement but also through vital community outreach and education,” added Joel Richards, Chief of Carrollton Police.

“Collaboration is key in tackling the complex challenge of fentanyl abuse. This campaign brings together the strengths of the city, the county, and law enforcement to create a comprehensive approach that we believe will make a real difference in our community,” commented Michelle Morgan, Carroll County Commissioner.

For more details about the “Fentanyl Stops Here” campaign, including how to participate or access resources, please visit www.fentanylstopshere.com.

About the Carroll County Fentanyl Awareness Coalition:

Formed in response to the rising fentanyl crisis, the Carroll County Fentanyl Awareness Coalition is a collaborative effort of community leaders, health professionals, and law enforcement. Our mission is to educate the public about fentanyl dangers, advocate for prevention strategies, and support those affected by substance use disorders. We are committed to reducing fentanyl’s impact in Carroll County through education, community engagement, and collaboration.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sgt. Meredith Hoyle Browning 

Public Affairs, Carrollton Police Department

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