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Villa Rica’s Harmonic Egg: A Quiet Space for Your Mind and Body

Photo by Bren Williamson

Tucked into one of the few quiet corners of Villa Rica’s industrial sector lies High Vibing Health, a healing center home to the curious Harmonic Egg. The Egg, #135 of the 170 ever built, sits ensconced in a quiet room swirling with scents of lavender and hints of patchouli. Violet and cyan lights glow from within the blimp-like chamber. Inside stands…a recliner. The most noticeable detail, however, is the rich music emanating from the chamber.

What healing could anyone get from a human-sized egg? Great question. In the past decade, inventor Gail Lynn worked on developing an acoustic chamber that uses vibration and light therapy to create a space where people can relax and realign. Unique from other forms of meditation, the Harmonic Egg simply stands as a womb-like structure where those suffering from stress and its comorbidities can enter a relaxation state. High Vibing Health in Villa Rica, owned by Wende Reynolds, is excited to share this “new” technology – which she divulges is not all that new.

Vibration, light, and color therapy has been studied with increased intensity during the past decade and a half. Vibrational therapy especially has been explored for health benefits, especially for those who have osteoporosis and even for patients going through postmenopausal symptoms. This kind of therapy specifically is consumed through listening to carefully created music synthesized with nature sounds, instruments, and base notes that send messages to your body and into your brain. The Harmonic Egg, for instance, utilizes the acoustics to maximize gentle, yet intense vibrations. Calming colors like purples, blues, and greens seemingly swim in the Egg to help those inside visualize the vibrations.

Wende Reynolds experienced the Harmonic Egg for the first time several years back in response to her stressful realtor position. Deadlines, checklists, and just juggling the normal tasks she had as a top producing agent was getting to her. 

“I first learned about the Egg on TV,” she laughed. “I visited another location in Georgia and weeks later, I brought a friend. She said I had to get one and start my own business!”

Unsure how she would acquire the space, but remaining positive, Reynolds made the leap from realtor to wellness consultant. Opening in August 2023, Reynolds has helped countless people in Villa Rica and across state lines find treatment for their various stress-induced issues.

“I ask about people’s stress levels before and after they experience the Egg,” she explains. “I love people’s stories. Everyone has a different experience based on their spiritual level. Many are just surprised that their inflammation has gone down afterwards.”

Photo by Bren Williamson

I had the opportunity to experience the Harmonic Egg for myself last week. I arrived, filled out a brief intake form asking about any medical conditions to take into consideration and listed any medication I take. Then, Ms. Reynolds advised I drink some water and guided me to the Egg where I removed my shoes and got comfortable on the recliner inside the shell. She instructed me to breathe slowly – deliberately in through my nose and out my mouth – a common meditation practice. Then, the music she specially selected for me gradually rose to a level where I could feel the vibrations sweep my skin, but not loud enough to be overstimulating.

The session lasted fifty minutes – forty with the meditation music which faded into ten minutes of silence. For the first time in a long time I experienced complete quiet in my mind; not the kind where my ears ring and the ceiling fan clicking driving me crazy. Just complete and gentle stillness. I emerged from the Egg slightly sleepy, but despite the overcast weather, I felt energized and refreshed.

That’s the experience Reynolds wants Carroll, Douglas, and Paulding to take away. 

“This is something so powerful, yet so simple,” she remarks. 

The Harmonic Egg is good for those who may not be interested in alternative health solutions to enter this realm gently. Additionally, High Vibing Health offers various classes for those interested in other forms of meditation, relaxation, exercise, yoga, and education. Reynolds’ daughter, a professional athlete, will be teaching fitness classes in one of the health center’s classrooms starting next month.

If you are interested in the Harmonic Egg or any of the classes and events High Vibing Health offers, visit their Facebook. For business updates, you can visit their Instagram and book sessions on their website, www.highvibinghealth.com

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