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Carrollton Publix Renovations Scheduled for Completion in March

Photo by Bren Williamson

The Publix located in the McIntosh Plaza on South Park Street is currently being renovated. These are the first renovations to this location since it was built in the 1990s. According to a Customer Service Leader one of the major parts of the renovations is the Hallmark section and pharmacy are swapping locations in the store, meaning both sections are getting rebuilt. 

According to Perry, this rearrangement is due to the current pharmacy’s section being quite small for all of its operations, and the renovations will allow the pharmacy employees more space to get their work done. The new location will place the pharmacy right inside the door, hopefully allowing for quicker prescription pickups and medical shopping. 

Another major part of the renovation is the removal of all cafe seating near the deli. During the work he deli will continue to function normally. 

Photo by Bren Williamson

The renovations began the first of the year and were initially estimated to be completed by March of 2024, but weather conditions and other factors could extend the completion date. As of now Publix employees say they have not heard any complaints from customers and that most seem happy about the renovations.

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