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Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Secures PTC Location

Who doesn’t love Italian Ice? Jeremiah’s Italian Ice local franchise owner Henry Rolon and his wife Edgines are opening a new location. Where? In Peachtree City, Georgia, a town described as booming, not only with the population but with culinary delights that will please everyone. The owners of the soon-to-be Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, proud Puerto Ricans, discovered the unique taste of icy-cold sweets while living for a time in Florida that not only tickled their taste buds but also made them want to be part of this wonderful company. 

Henry explained, “They were not even franchising at that time, but I kept in touch with the owners.” Once Jeremiah’s Italian Ice began to branch out, they contacted him, and he began shopping around for a good location. Since his exit from Florida, he’s been living in Peachtree City for three and a half years but started his search in Metro Atlanta. Unable to find a suitable location there, he turned his attention to his home city and after a year and a half found the perfect spot for his franchise. 

When asked about the success of other Jeremiah’s Italian Ice businesses, Henry said, “They are doing very well.” Although not having asked how well he thought his franchise would do, this writer believes that after reading the menu there is no doubt that it should be a supremo success. The scrumptious flavors of Italian ice, soft-serve ice cream, and gelati will make you run to Peachtree City’s very own Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. You can also go to jeremiahsitalianice.com to see the twenty-four different flavors you can enjoy, with sugar-free versions of each available. Henry informed The City Menus, “You have the option of choosing the ice, soft-serve ice cream, or gelati, which is a mixture of Italian ice and the ice cream which is amazing. A couple of flavors will come already established for customers to try, or you can mix and match however you want. You can be as creative as you want to.

Numerous flavors include Sea Salted Caramel, Strawberry Lemon, and Bahama Freeze, the last one consisting of coconut, lemon, mango, and strawberry. Jeremiah’s will also offer free samples. Just know there are also decadent layer-ins like different chocolate candies, sprinkles, and ice cream. To tempt your taste buds, you can choose gelati: combinations of flavored ice and saucer ice cream. Mix and match to your appetite’s delight. 

Both Henry and his wife are determined this particular franchise will be family-oriented. They are very proud of their heritage as Puertoricans and family is of the utmost importance.  It will be a place all members of the family will enjoy, from the oldest to the youngest. And if you have furry children or grandchildren, the doggies are welcome to visit. 

There are plans for a huge mural inside the establishment that will represent different cities with a couple of Peachtree City landmarks making the store part of the city.

Henry and his wife, Edgines want to send a special word of thanks to their daughter Camila and their business partners, brother & sister in law Ed & Valerie Lebron, in which nothing could have been possible without them.

The estimated opening date for Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is late May or early June. Mark your calendars to visit the store located at 130 Peachtree East Court Suite 164, Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269. Peachtree City’s Jeremiah’s is part of Frog Family, LLC.

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