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LaGrange Youth Council to Host Pickleball Tournament Saturday, March 23rd

The LaGrange Youth Council will host a Pickleball Tournament to promote literacy on Saturday, March 23rd beginning at 10:00 a.m. The tournament will be a book drive, where the entry fee for players to sign up is 5 books which will be donated to the Jungle Bus. This event will be held at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center, 1220 Lafayette Pkwy.  

The LaGrange Youth Council’s Literacy Committee is partnering with Get Troup Reading and the Jungle Bus to help promote literacy in the community with this tournament.

“The LaGrange Youth Council wanted to hold an event that not only promoted literacy, but also had an engaging aspect with the community,” said Committee Chair McKenzie Aldridge. “Pickleball is a sport growing in popularity, and this is a unique way to support education.”

Spectators are welcome to watch the tournament free of charge, but those participating will be asked for a 5-book donation to be given to the Jungle Bus, which will be on site by 12 p.m.  Players can sign up through the QR Code on the flyer or going to the sign-up site.

The tournament is expected to be singles play, but if enough people sign up, it may become doubles for the sake of time.

LaGrange Youth Council Advisor Jeremy Andrews said, “From the onset of the idea of the event, to the design and now the implementation, the students have been putting in the work the entire time. I’m really proud of all the hard work they have put in.” 

WHO: LaGrange Youth Council in partnership with Get Troup Reading and The Jungle Bus

WHAT: Pickle Page Tournament

WHEN: Saturday, March 23rd, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mike Daniel Recreation Center, 1220 Lafayette Pkwy.

MORE INFO: This event is free spectators, but players are expected to bring a 5-book donation.