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Always Room for Something Sweet, The Copper Carrot Bakery Opens in LaGrange

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Someone with a sweet tooth is always looking for a new place to go, and all bakers have their own secrets when it comes to creating luscious desserts that have customers drooling for more. The Copper Carrot Bakery in LaGrange, Georgia, is no different. Everyone who works there takes the art of baking seriously. This is a second location for Nikki Franklin and her husband Larry. Making up the rest of the crew are Cindy and Ms. Freeman, as well as Morgan who was hired the day of this interview. Darilyn manages their West Point location and serves as baking support to Nikki at their new location in LaGrange. Nikki noted that the West Point Copper Carrot opened on July 26th, “My husband said it was my birthday present.” A gift that seems to be doing well with a full staff.

Although the information is not published, the bakery does a bit of catering, since they already had a cute van for deliveries and felt that the catering would take them into new venues. 

Satisfied customers who loved the cupcakes, cakes, pastries, pies, and brownies that are created onsite in West Point begged Nikki to add a location in LaGrange. However, the busy baker had reservations about opening a second location. Even after receiving a phone call from a friend who told her about a business moving out of a LaGrange location, Nikki still said no to adding a second Copper Carrot Bakery to her already-crowded schedule. When her friend continued urging Nikki to “just look at the place,” she sent her husband Larry instead. To her surprise he came back and said the place was move-in-ready, and why wouldn’t they want to do this. Nikki gave in and made her customers extremely happy!

Nikki also discussed how the other local businesses in LaGrange had been very supportive and friendly. In fact, across the street there is a coffee bar whose owner has no problem in sharing customers. It is not unusual to see coffee drinkers sitting at the bakery with full mugs or bakery clients with their confections sitting in the courtyard at the coffee bar.

She also wanted her customers to know how thankful they are to be in LaGrange,“The Community has been super, super, supportive of my creative brain, and willingness to bring southern baked treats to our downtown area.

If you would like to show your support to Nikki, her husband, and their staff, then please visit their main location at 120 Bull Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30240 or call them at (706) 407-6743. The first Copper Carrot is located at 702 3rd Avenue, West Point, Georgia 31833, and can be contacted by phone at (706) 501-1232www.thecoppercarrotbakery.com FB & IG @thecoopercarrotbakery

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