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 CEO Lisa Brady of Parks! America to Visit Georgia Wild Animal Safari Park to Celebrate the Recovery from Last Year’s Devastating EF3 Tornado

Parks! America, owners of Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA, announces the visit of CEO Lisa Brady to the wildlife park from March 22-26, 2024, to celebrate the remarkable recovery from the devastating effects of the EF3 tornado that struck the Pine Mountain park one year ago on March 26, 2023.

The EF3 tornado wreaked havoc on the 250-acre Wild Animal Safari Park, causing extensive destruction to infrastructure, fencing and animal habitats which forced closure of the park during the busy spring break period. Over 4,500 trees were uprooted, numerous animal exhibits were demolished, sidewalks and landscaping were torn apart, and the park’s main restroom building was destroyed.

Despite the devastation, the dedicated team at Wild Animal Safari moved swiftly, implementing their Emergency Recovery Plan to ensure the safety and security of the park’s animal inhabitants. Through tireless efforts, the park remarkably reopened its gates to guests in just 20 days, a testament to the resilience and determination of all involved.

CEO Lisa Brady will join the Pine Mountain staff in celebrating the resilience of the park staff in rebuilding infrastructure, their unwavering dedication to the care of animals residing at the park, and the comfort and safety of all visitors enjoying the park.

Come join Ms. Brady during her visit.


About Parks! America, Inc.:

Parks! America (OTC: PRKA) is dedicated to providing enriching experiences through its diverse portfolio of attractions, including Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA. With a focus on conservation and education, Parks! America endeavors to inspire visitors to connect with and protect the natural world.


For More Information:

Parks! America Website: https://animalsafari.com/

Wild Animal Safari – Pine Mountain Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wildanimalsafari/