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Greater Haralson Chamber Celebrates 10 Years as Combined Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce with Top 10 Accomplishments

The Greater Haralson Chamber is proud to celebrate 10 years as a combined Economic Development group and Chamber of Commerce. This functional partnership with the Development Authority of Haralson County has allowed the organization to become the largest business support organization in Haralson County and a “one stop shop” for business solutions. To mark the occasion, the Chamber is recognizing its top 10 accomplishments that have propelled economic prosperity and community advancement across the region. These initiatives reflect the Chamber’s dedication to collaboration, innovation and sustainable development, positioning Haralson County as a hub for opportunity and growth.

  1. Creation of Merged Economic Development Organization: The Chamber has played a pivotal role in the establishment of a unified economic development organization, streamlining efforts to attract and support investment and promote entrepreneurship, leading to the creation of $1 billion of industrial investment and 1,480 new jobs.
  2. Land Acquisition for BARCO Expansion: Facilitating BARCO’s expansion plans, the Chamber secured vital land parcels, ensuring the company’s continued growth and contribution to the local economy. The BARCO expansion has continued to be fruitful to the overall economy, employing over 100 people with over $50 million in investment. 
  3. Grow Haralson Initiative: With a dedicated investment of $1.2 million, the Chamber launched the Grow Haralson initiative, empowering small businesses, fostering innovation and driving economic diversification.  A new Grow Haralson campaign is under development and the organization is seeking partners to support the next phase.
  4. Comcast Investment in West Georgia: Leveraging member partnerships, the Chamber facilitated a $9.3 million investment by Comcast in West Georgia, enhancing connectivity, infrastructure and economic competitiveness. This kicked off a $35 million wave of private investment in broadband in Haralson County.
  5. Revamp of Junior Chamber: Recognizing the importance of youth engagement, the Chamber has revitalized the Junior Chamber, providing emerging leaders with opportunities for professional development, networking and community involvement.
  6. Infra-Metals Partnership: Through strategic collaboration, the Chamber supported Infra-Metals in expanding its operations, bolstering manufacturing capabilities and creating ongoing employment opportunities in Haralson. This created 100 jobs and $50 million in investment.
  7. Whirlwind Metal Buildings Collaboration: Partnering with Whirlwind Metal Buildings, the Chamber promoted sustainable construction practices and innovation in the building sector, driving economic growth and environmental stewardship. This created 250 jobs and $50 million in investment.
  8. Shift in Mission Focus: Embracing a solutions-oriented approach, the Chamber has transitioned from a fundraising focus to proactively addressing community needs, driving meaningful impact and fostering resilience. 
  9. Enhanced Social Media Presence: Leveraging digital platforms, the Chamber has amplified its outreach efforts, engaging with stakeholders, promoting local businesses and fostering community connectivity and awareness.
  10. Leading the Next Wave of Investment: Along with the Haralson County Commission, the Chamber and Development Authority is taking charge of the planning and execution of the planning, development, and recruitment of 1631 acres that will serve as the next recreation center for West Georgia.

“These initiatives embody our steadfast commitment to advancing Greater Haralson’s economic vitality and quality of life,” Greater Haralson Chamber CEO/President Eric McDonald said. “By working together with stakeholders and pursuing innovative solutions, we are building a stronger, more prosperous community for all.”

For more information about the Greater Haralson Chamber of Commerce and its initiatives, please contact the Chamber at [email protected] or 770-537-5594.



The Greater Haralson Chamber, the largest business organization in Haralson County, serves as the pillar for business advocacy and growth in West Georgia. It oversees the county’s Development Authority and actively fosters business growth, workforce development and community advocacy. Committed to positively impacting businesses through local, state and national advocacy, it regularly seeks ways to enhance business environments. The Chamber also showcases members to visitors, playing a vital role in connecting businesses through initiatives like Grand Openings, Red Carpet services, networking events, seminars and online communities. Visit haralson.org for more information and to contact the Chamber.